Why porcelain?

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Unlike natural stone, porcelain is non-porous, so no stains or spills will absorb into the tiles.
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Moss resistant

Soil cannot get into the tiles, so moss is unable to grow.
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The thickness of outdoor porcelain tiles mean they can hold a large weight load of up to 1000kg. They are also scratch resistant.
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freeze/frost resistant

Porcelain tiles cannot freeze as water is unable to penetrate the surface.
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Easy to clean

Common household cleaners can be used to easily wipe down any spills or dirt. Some installation methods also allow for pressure washing.
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easy installation

Porcelain can be installed quickly and easily, using a variety of installation techniques. See Installation.
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Colour durability

Advanced manufacturing techniques mean these outdoor tiles won’t fade or bleach in the sun.
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slip resistant

The structure and texture of porcelain outdoor tiles form an anti-slip surface, making them perfect for high traffic areas, wet areas, swimming pools or for wet climates.