SCAPE: a dedicated exterior tile brand
We would like to introduce you to Scape, a dedicated  exterior tile brand and one of the leading national providers of 20mm external porcelain ceramic tiles.

The relaunch of Scape’s website - - uses beautiful images to showcase our ranges, which are hand selected to provide our customers with a large variety of designer outdoor spaces. 

Porcelain is a relatively new material for exteriors in the UK, but we have found that the design, landscaping and architectural communities are embracing the advantages of cutting edge tile design and technology made possible by using porcelain, that far outweighs more traditional exterior tile materials.  

Unlike natural stone, porcelain is non-porous and so stain, moss and weather resistant. It is also much more durable, hardwearing and easier to install and keep clean. The structure and texture of these tiles also form an anti-slip surface making them perfect for high traffic areas, swimming pools or wet climates. It’s a win-win product!
We have hand selected 35 individual outdoor tiles in a collection of ranges to suit all spaces, spanning from stone to slate to wood. As open-plan living continues to be a popular choice for residential spaces, the products selected mostly include the 10mm equivalent interior tiles.  

We are passionate about helping you transform your outdoor space. You can visit Scape in techtile’s fabulous new studio in Astwick, Bedfordshire or look at our website, and we will work closely with you from product selection to installation and aftercare.