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Capturing the minimalism of Nordic style at its best!

Concept Three Nordic captures the minimalism and modernity of Nordic style at its best. This concrete, cement effect porcelain tile consists of subtle shade variation making it a perfect canvas for an outdoor environment.

Two muted base colours have been selected to work well in the elements -  a gentle dove and dramatic night shade provides a contemporary foundation.

The range also includes 10mm internal porcelain tiles to bring outdoor living inside allowing for a fluid living experience. To discover more on this range please click here.

Bringing natural warmth to our outdoor space

This wood-effect porcelain tile brings the natural warmth of wood to an outdoor space. The use of advanced technology blends these natural features with interesting wet-look and textural effects, giving Concept Two: Wood tiles a unique and irregular quality.

The neutral, natural colours combined with these interesting finishes makes this tile range suitable for any type of outdoor space with endless possibilities of look and design.

For an open plan project, Concept Two: Wood is also available as a 10mm internal porcelain tile. ​ To view the range in more detail please click here.

Four classic stones with a contemporary twist

Concept Two: Stone comprises of four classic stones, each unique in their identity but all striving for a contemporary finish whilst still holding true to the original material.

The porcelain tile range begins with a soft pale stone which includes tones from white, beige to ivory hues. This light stone is a versatile material for any space needing calm and an open atmosphere.

The second stone CTR102 is an imitation of sandstone. Delicate veins flow throughout giving a gentle movement across the slabs. In contrast to this finish, CTR103 punches a strong personality through its dark tones and high shade variation lending itself to an urban setting.
The last stone concludes the ranges by introducing an in-depth texture of pebbles and grit through a spectrum of grey tones. This classic Italian stone is packed with character and elegance.

To order samples of Concept Two: Stone please click here.

Belgium's Pierre Blue Stone transformed into porcelain

At the heart of Belgium lies the renowned Pierre Blue stone. Quarried since the early middle ages and can be seen throughout the architectural landscape of Belgium, this long traditional material possesses a unique appearance.  

The porcelain interpretation takes the deep tones and textures of Belgium Blue stone and transforms it into a durable porcelain. Resulting in a high-quality, distinct canvas for a minimalistic project.

Available in two sizes: 600x600mm & 750x750mm. The complementary internal tiles are also present for those open living projects. Say hello to Pierre Bleue.

Inspired by English Limestone. Welcome to Dover

Composed mainly of skeletal fragments of marine organisms, this porcelain tile range takes inspiration from English Limestone. 

In its natural state the raw material contains different crystal forms of calcium carbonate which have developed over millions of years and then exposed for discovery.

Packed with so much historical life, the slabs are full of character and personality. The detail moves freely within each slab to replicate the natural form as much as possible.  Four subtle shades are available from white sands to dark rock. Welcome to Dover. 

To order free samples of this porcelain 20mm tile range please click .

Porcelain Decking - Hard Wearing Wood

The simplicity of natural wood is the stand out feature of this authentic rustic range.  These tiles are constructed of porcelain stoneware and yet deliver the best of both worlds with a hard wearing yet truly natural wood-effect. 

Our Cabin range features the imperfect textures of natural wood, giving an outdoor space a welcoming atmosphere and an unmistakable modern charm.

To finish the range a wide selection of special piece are available to complete a project professionally.

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